Export Promotion and Market Access

Meet SPECTARIS members and the German High Tech Industry

SPECTARIS uses the export promotion measures of the Federal Government to flank the export activities of our member companies and actively contributes proposals on our sectors to the respective programmes. Our members regulary take part in export initiatives such as the Foreign Trade Fair Programme (AMP) or Market Development Programm (MEP) funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

Especially for medical technology, numerous support measures for the sector are offered through the Export Initiative for the German Healthcare Industry based at GTAI. The overriding goals of the initiative are both the bundling of existing offers and the elimination of information deficits about foreign markets. Among other things, events are regularly organised with the participation of companies in Germany and abroad with the aim of marketing the German medical technology sector worldwide. 

SPECTARIS also provides sector-specific background information on the most interesting foreign markets via current market information - often in cooperation with our partner organisations such as Germany Trade and Invest (GTAI). An overview of our upcoming events and projects can be accessed here (in German).

Video: Medical Technology Made in Germany

Medical products „Made in Germany“ are used worldwide. German medical technology stands out for its high quality, innovative strength and sustainability. Watch the video by the Export Initiative for the German Healthcare Industry to learn more.

Foreign Trade Fairs

Show presence at trade fairs is more relevant than ever

Economic globalisation has resulted in fierce competition. This trend has also become evident in the trade fair and exhibition sector. For the optical, medical and mechatronical industries, a trade fair presence has become pivotal for the presentation of capabilities, and a crucial sales and communications tool, since success in this industry depends largely on export. 

SPECTARIS therefore actively promotes trade fairs and utilises them as a forum for the reinforcement of important partnerships in order to represent the various interests of its members within a framework of target groups. The association's participation in the advisory board of the "Ausstellungs- und Messeausschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft" (AUMA – Exhibition and Trade Fair Committee) provides additional support for these efforts. For 2021, we offer participation in 23 foreign trade fairs for German companies in the SPECTARIS-industries. At all these trade shows you can meet a large number of German exhibitors and get more first-hand information on innovative products and services the German companies offer. Additional information on participation in foreign trade fairs is available on the following pages. 
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Overview of all international trade fairs and German pavilions

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SPECTARIS: International Trade Fairs

Video by AUMA: Trade Fairs Made in Germany

What is it that makes Germany so important for 100,000 exhibitors and 2.7 million visitors from abroad per year? In this film clip the ​AUMA – Association of the German Trade Fair Industry shows you what the number 1 trade fair location Germany has to offer.