Foreign Trade and Export Promotion

The German high-tech industry - a trustworthy partner for your business!

German manufacturers in the sector of consumer optics, photonics, analytical and medical technologies enjoy worldwide success with their innovative products. The continuously rising export rate of currently approx. 60% in SPECTARIS industries is a good indicator of the importance of foreign trade for our members. In particular small and medium-sized enterprises are accessing new and future markets with their foreign business activities, and are taking advantage of new business opportunities globally. 

Many German high-tech companies are global market leaders in their fields of expertise and they have extensive experience in realizing projects in e.g. laboratories or healthcare organizations as well as industrial settings both in Germany and abroad. The often specialized German companies know how to develop and provide customized products and solutions for the various application fields. High investments in R&D, steady growth and continually developing employment potential are the main characteristics of the SPECTARIS industries. And many of the companies are family owned or SME´s with the typical flexible structures towards customers’ demands. Our member companies can offer a full range of innovative, high quality and reliable products and services. 

SPECTARIS is an important partner in their activities. The association actively supports its members in foreign trade, assists with custom, export control and trade compliance and provides a wide selection of tools for successful market cultivation. 

Additional information regarding our service offering is provided on the following pages; if preferred, you can also contact one of our three support specialists for the topics of foreign trade and promotion of exports directly. We and our numerous partners from the foreign trade sector are standing by to support you in your export efforts!