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Sector-specific Associations

We respresent four innovative industries

Consumer Optics

The SPECTARIS trade association Consumer Optics brings together approximately 90 manufacturers and distributors of optical lenses, spectacle frames, sunglasses and sports glasses, contact lenses and care accessories, visual enhancement aids, eyesight testing devices, telescopes, telescopic sights, spective scopes, opticians' supplies, and merchandise - in short, all products available for and from opticians.

Industry profile Consumer Optics 2019


The trade association Photonics represents companies from the sector for lasers, optical components, imaging & photo technology, geodesy, microscopy, measurement instrumentation and sensor technology. The trade association Photonics and Precision Technology represents approximately 90 manufacturers in the optical technology sector.

Industry profile Photonics 2019

Medical Technology

The SPECTARIS trade association Medical Technology represents the interests of around 160 companies in the industrial goods and appliances sector. The predominantly small to medium sized enterprises are positioned within the sectors of industrial goods and medical appliances. The trade association Medical Technology provides its members with support and information in various business areas and topics. In particular: financing, hygiene and processing, compliance, regulatory affairs, HTA, market access, research funding, and public affairs.

The Yearbook, published in 2019, provides numerous national, European and international market data from the medical technology industry, gives important insights into their political and legal framework conditions with editorial contributions and informs in detail about the economic development trends of this innovative industry sector. Here you can read the SPECTARIS-Spotlight Facts and figures of an industry caring for our future health (2020).

Industry profile Medical Technology 2019

Analytical, Bio and Laboratory Technology

The SPECTARIS trade association Analytical, Bio and Laboratory Technology combines more than 60 German manufacturers of devices, equipment, consumables and accessory for laboratories in the food and quality control sector, environmental technology and materials testing in pharmaceutical, chemical, and medical laboratories, as well as for research and development purposes.

Industry profile Analytical, Bio and Laboratory Technology 2019