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Current Projects

Overview about our projects

SPECTARIS, the German Industry Association for Optical, Medical and Mechatronical Technologies is opening up new market opportunities for its member companies through the organisation of international projects. To date SPECTARIS has implemented a number of EU-Asia projects within the framework of the European Union's Asia Invest programme and EU-Latin America within the framework of the AL-Invest Programme.These matchmaking events have proven to be a very effective and cost efficient way for companies to make contact with potential partners and gain a greater insight into foreign markets. In addition to managing international cooperation projects SPECTARIS is also very active in organising trade fair participation worldwide.


Central Asia-Invest Programme 
"Building up sustainable partnerships in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan: Strengthening the Capacity of Business Intermediary Organisations in Central Asia in the healthcare sector"
Project Objective: To strengthen the Industry Organisations and their member companies from the healthcare industry in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan through capacity building measures.

Instruments: Tailor-made Trainings, Matchmaking Event, Business Delegation, Internet Platform

Partner Organisations:

  • SPECTARIS, Germany
  • German Association of Consulting
  • Enterprises in the Healthcare Industry (VBGW)
  • FENIN (Spanish Federation of Healthcare Technology Companies)
  • Representation of German Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan
  • Forum of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan
  • Association of Manufacturers of Pharmaceutical and Medical Goods of Kazakhstan
  • Association of Pharmaceutical and Production Manufacturers of Kazakhstan
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tashkent Region
  • Bishkek Business Club

Business Support Programme 
Strengthening the Capacity of BROs in Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Turkey in the Health Care Industry
Project Objective: To increase the capacity of BROs in Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Turkey on application and compliance of relevant Community Acquis in the healthcare industry

Instruments: tailor-made trainings, handbook, internet platform, company visits, flyers knowledge and experience exchange platform (MedLex)

BSP Partners:

  • BIA (Bulgarian Industrial Association)
  • AFPM (Romanian Association of Medical Product Suppliers)
  • CCE (Croatian Chamber of Economy)
  • TÜDER (Turkish Medical Equipment and Devices Manufacturers Association)
  • TAOOP (Turkey Association of Optical and Optometric Professions)
  • Turkish Eyewear Industries Association


  • SPECTARIS, Germany
  • FENIN (Spanish Federation of Healthcare Technology Companies)
  • AEO (Spanish Association of Production, Commercialisation and Importation of Optical and Ophtalmological Products)
  • ABHI (Association of British Healthcare Industries)
  • Birmingham Technology Limited/Photonics Cluster UK
  • FABRILABO (French Association of Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers and Traders)
  • AFOP (French Manufacturers Association in Optics and Photonics)
  • POLMED (Polish Medical Devices Industry Association)


AL-Invest ExpoOptica

Project Title: Eye to Eye - Latin America meets Europe in Optics
Event Date:28th to 29th February 2008
Venue: The trade fair “ExpoOptica – International Optics and Optometry Exhibition” in Madrid, Spain

Asia Interprise LEAP

Project Title: Linking Europe and Asia in Photonics
Event Date: 20th to 22nd November 2007
Venue: The trade fair “ILOPE” in Beijing
Website: -

Asia Interprise Thailand

Project Title: Asia Invest Matchmaking Medical Devices EU-Asia
Event Date: 13th to 14th September 2007
Venue: The trade fair “HOSPIMedica Thailand” in Bangkok
Website: - info(at)

Asia Invest Alliance

Project Title: Strengthening the Photonics Industry EU-China
Project aim: Capacity building between partner organisations EU-China in the Photonics industry
Instruments: Workshops in China, Internet Platform, Company Assessment Guide and Job Exchange between partners     Partners: - COIIA: Changchun Optoelectronics Information Industry Association, China
- AFOP: The French Trade Association for Optics and Photonics, France


Asia Interprise India

Project Title: Asia Interprise Medical Devices Business Meetings EU-India
Event Date: 9th -11th March 2007
Partners: EU-India Chambers – the Council of EU Chambers of Commerce in India
MYCCI - UK     
Venue: The trade fair “Hospimedica” in New Delhi

Website: -

Asia Interprise Indonesia

Project Title: Asia Interprise Analytical Instruments and Lab Equipment EU-Indonesia
Event Date: 6th – 9th December 2006
Partners: - Centre for Development of SME’s (CD SME), Jakarta, Indonesia
- Consorzio Italasia, Italy
- Fabrilabo, France
- MYCCI, UK     
Venue: The trade fair “CIL Indonesia” in Jakarta

Website: -